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LIVETAL is a formulation of Taiwan-patented ingredients such as Antromax® Organic sold phase cultured Antrodia Cinnamomea Mycelium. The ingredients are combined turmeric extract, Radix Buplueri root extract, and Astragulus Membranaceus Root Extract. Its focuses on maintaining Liver Health by enhancing metabolism in the body – reducing liver damage, preventing liver fat and enhancing Superoxide dismutase (SOD) from inflammation prevention.


✅ Control the excess fats in the liver

✅ Reduce toxins stored in the liver

✅ Break down alcohol in the liver

✅ Relieve hangover symptoms

✅ Protect liver health

✅ Modulate immune system and strengthen immunity

✅ Relieve chemical-caused liver injury

✅ Enhance antioxidant protection and reduce inflammation

✅ Eliminate fatigue and restore energy


20 sachets in 1 box

Direction of use

Take one sachet daily

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What is Tigrox LIVETAL?

Tigrox LIVETAL is an amazing liver health supplement that is carefully crafted to ensure it actually can help protect and keep your liver healthy and strong. Tigrox LIVETAL is capable of controlling excess fats in your liver, reduces toxins, and relieves hangover symptoms.

Natural ingredients such as Antrodia Cinnamomea, tumeric extract, radix bupleuri root extract, and astragalus membranaceus root extract are usedto create this liver supplement. For those who are looking to strengthen immunity, protect against chemical-caused liver injury, and stop feeling fatigue all the time, Tigrox LIVETAL could be the best supplement for you.

Tigrox LIVETAL ingredients

Made with Natural Ingredients & Herb

Tigrox LIVETAL’s ingredients are all natural and proven to help improve overall liver health. The main ingredients found within Tigrox LIVETAL are:
1.Antrodia Cinnamomea, a herb renowned for controlling excess liver fats.
2. Tumerix extract, famously potent body toxin remover.
3. Radix Bupleuri Root extract, breaks down alcohol, alleviating hangover discomfort.
4. Astragalus Membranaceus Root extract, strengthens immunity, protects against chemical-induced liver injury, and reduces inflammation.

Main Benefits of Tigrox LIVETAL

1. Control excess fats in the liver.
2. Reduce toxins stored in the liver.
3. Break down alcohol in the liver and relieve hangover symptoms.
1. Protect liver health.
2. Modulate immune system and strengthen immunity.
3. Relieve chemical-caused liver injury.
4. Enhance protection and reduce inflammation.
5. Eliminate fatigue and restore energy.
Benefit of Tigrox LIVETAL

Who Needs Tigrox LIVETAL?

Unsure if you need Tigrox LIVETAL? Here are a list of people we think should really consider taking Tigrox LIVETAL to help improve overall liver health:
1. People who always sleep late or have insomnia.
2. People who get tired easily.
3. People with liver problems.
4 People who are suffering from fatty liver.
5. People who smoke frequently.
6. People with hangover concerns.
7. People with yellowish skin.

Tigrox LIVETAL Product Verification & Certification

Livetal Halvec ENG
Livetal COA (No Heavy Metals) EN
Livetal COA (No Steroid) EN

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