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Lack of energy, Performance Slack, Tired when working, Lack of Focus, and even letting your partner down due to bad performance?

Erojan here is your savior – as an energy guardian made especially for males. Erojan – one of the Wellous products is enriched with various natural herbs to enhance males’ overall Health Performance, Body Endurance, Maximize Testrone Performance, and Maintain Optimal Physical Performance.

Ingredient (6 Ingredients in 1 Extract)

Tongkat Ali, Maca, Butea Superba, Cuscuta Chinensis, Tribulus Terrestris, and Horny Goat Weed.


60 capsules in 1 bottle

Direction of use

Take 2 capsules a day after meal

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Energy is what keeps our everyday work underway

Have you ever questioned yourself that you ever spent your whole energy working overtime, or maybe you did not get enough sleep go through the day, or your whole body feels too sluggish to even complete a simple task? This is a warning sign of low energy.

We are all busy on a regular basis with piles of work in the office or outside work, let alone being too tight with deadlines left and right. As such, this will lead to overconsumption of physical energy which could possibly cause extreme fatigue to the body.



In fact, irregular and unhealthy diet habits contribute to low levels of energy because only a low amount of needed nutrients are absorbed in the body hence leading to fatigue. A person who rarely gets the body exercised may have a poor level of energy. This is due to the fact that a lack of exercise over time can weaken the muscles, which then causes fatigue even after doing some basic activities.

Such a condition will only further worsen a male’s vitality to keep fit and healthy not only to perform at work but also to exercise and outside routines. If a person is highly keen to maintain his general health, Erojan is the suitable go-to health product for sustaining vitality while keeping our stamina strong for better sports performance and long exercise.


EROJAN Benefits

Erojan - Strengthen Bone

✅ Promote stronger bone density to support stronger body movement

Erojan - improve Blood circulation

✅ Regulate testosterone levels to maintain general body health

Erojan - Regulate testosterone levels

✅ Improve blood circulation & blood flow in the body


Erojan - improve body vitality

✅ Increase stamina for long pace exercise 

✅ Increase body energy to support daily activity

Erojan - Regulate fat distribution

✅ Regulate fat distribution & reduce tummy fat

✅ Reduce body fatigue & improve body vitality



Erojan - Increase body energy

✅ Increase muscle volume & support overall masculinity

EROJAN Certification

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