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ISODUCE is the best-formulated supplement for women from ages 20 to 45, it is used for women’s health and physical strength and helps women build confidence to enjoy the best of their life.

ISODUCE contains 7 of the main ingredients for women: Manjakani, Kacip Fatimah, Pueraria Mirifica, Elderflower, Soy Powder, Silk Amino Acids and oat powder so that the Women’s internal are fully protected.

✅ Improve Irregular Period

✅ Relieve Menstrual Pain

✅ Regulate Endocrine Disorders

✅ Relieve Menopause Symptoms

✅ Increase Pregnancy Rate

✅ Preserve Women’s Beauty


20 Sachets in 1 Box

Direction of use

Take 1 sachets daily after meal

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What is ISODUCE?

ISODUCE is the ultimate women’s supplement crafted with care. This extraordinary blend features three main natural ingredients – Saffron, Manjakani, and Kacip Fatima, along with four others being: Macs, Puraria, Hops, and Fenugreek. 

Experience the revitalizing effects of ISODUCE as it restores balance in your physical, mental, and reproductive health, while rekindling joy and fulfillment. From delaying aging to promoting a radiant mood, maintaining smooth and elastic skin, regulating hormones, and easing menstrual discomfort, ISODUCE is your ally in women’s wellness.

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7 Natural Ingredients in ISODUCE

  1. Manjakani
    Strengthen the vaginal wall. Restore Tightness, increase Libido.
  2. Kacip Fatimah
    Regulate female endocrine system, increase pregnancy rate.
  3. Pueraria Mirifica
    Help in breast enhancement, maintaining women’s health.

  4. Elderflower
    Help to increase urine production.

  5. Soy Powder
    Delay aging, enhance for brain function.

  6. Silk Amino Acids
    Improve sleep quality.

  7. Oat Powder
    Control blood cholesterol aids in digestion.

What Causes Most Women's Health Issues?

Women’s bodies undergo frequent hormonal changes, causing their physical and emotional well-being to fluctuate frequently as well. However, there is one hormone, in particular, that plays an important role in shaping women’s overall health – estrogen.

Estrogen is a vital hormone responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle, maintaining bone density, and supporting reproductive health. However, various factors, such as age, stress, and lifestyle choices, can lead to decreased estrogen levels, throwing our bodies off balance.

By having low estrogen levels, women may experience irregular menstrual cycles, decreased fertility, and mood fluctuations. Beyond that, low estrogen can also contribute to decreased bone density, raising concerns about osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Understanding the role of estrogen in women’s health empowers us to take charge of women’s well-being. Wellous understands that clearly, that is why ISODUCE aims to help women achieve optimal estrogen level, thus maintaining their overall health and well-being.

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