KidAone Elderberry Colostrum | Elderberry Supplement for Kids


It is a combination of an Elderberry, Colostrum (Milk for Baby), and Vitamin C. The objective is to improve children’s immune systems. The KidAone is a chewable tablet with flavors of Berry and CoCoa that make your children willing to consume it.

Benefits of KidAone Elderberry Colostrum

✅ Boost skin’s defense system & reduce chances to get a skin infection

✅ Alleviate respiratory symptoms such as flu and colds

✅ Enhance gut health & boost appetite

✅ Anti-bacterial & anti-virus

✅ Boost immunity


60 tablets in 1 bottle

Direction for use

2 chewable tablets per day


This product is only suitable for children above 2 years old with chewing ability.

Please chew before swallowing, children should only consume the product under their parents’ guidance.

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What is KidAone Elderberry Colostrum?

KidAone Elderberry Colostrum is a special formula for children. It is a chewable elderberry and colostrum tablet with cocoa flavor aimed to improve the immune system of our kids. With a combination of 3 main ingredients (colostrum, elderberry, and vitamin C), it is fully capable of supporting your child’s immune health for a vibrant and energetic journey ahead.

Keeping Your Kids Healthy & Strong

KidAone Elderberry Colostrum ensures your children’s well-being by nurturing their healthy and active childhood. By taking it, your children can experience benefits such as:

  1. Strengthened Skin Defense

    It fortifies your child’s skin defense system, reducing the likelihood of skin infections. Enjoy peace of mind as your little one explores the world with a robust shield against external threats.

  2. Respiratory Symptom Relief

    Bid farewell to flu and cold worries with KidAone Elderberry Colostrum. Alleviating respiratory symptoms, this powerful formula helps your child breathe easily, promoting comfort during seasonal challenges.

  3. Enhanced Gut Health

    Nurturing your child’s gut health is vital for overall well-being. It supports a healthy gut, fostering digestion and appetite, ensuring your child receives optimal nutrition.

  4. Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral Properties

    Armed with potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, it can strengthen your child’s immune response, actively fighting against harmful invaders.

  5. Boosted Immunity

    KidAone Elderberry Colostrum is your child’s ultimate immune ally. With an immunity boost, your little one can conquer daily challenges with vitality and resilience.

Ingredients of KidAone Elderberry Colostrum

  1. ColostrumOne Bovine Colostrum

  2. Eldercraft Elderberry Extract

  3. PureWay-C Vitamin C

Eldercraft Elderberry Extract:
  • Premium anthocyanin-standardized extract from Austrian black elderberries (Sambucus nigra. L).
  • Proprietary membrane filtration technology ensures utmost quality.
PUREWAY-C Ascorbic Acid Specialty – Lipid Metabolite:
  • Unique vitamin C form with vitamin C-lipid metabolites.
  • Rapid absorption leads to higher plasma and cellular levels for faster, potent antioxidant effects.
  • Superior free radical scavenging ability, making it more beneficial than ordinary ascorbic acid.
  • Cells absorb it quickly, resulting in higher retention rates compared to other vitamin C forms.
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Does Your Kid Need KidAone Elderberry Colostrum?

Take a moment to observe your children. Are they exhibiting signs of low immunity? KidAone Elderberry Colostrum might be the answer to their needs.

  1. Easily Fall Sick:

    Frequent illnesses may indicate a weakened immune system. 

  2. Easily Get Tired:

    If your child seems fatigued despite ample rest, their immunity might be compromised. 

  3. Excessive Crying:

    Children who cry often without significant illness might benefit from immune support. 

  4. Sleepiness Affecting Learning:

    Persistent sleepiness may hinder your child’s ability to learn. 

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