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Imuglo is a formulation combining two legendary ingredients such as Maritech® Organic Fucoidan from Mekabu seaweed & ElderCraft®  European Black Elderberry, ideally designed for people who are living in a polluted environment with an imbalanced diet!


✅ Improve the upper respiratory symptoms and problems

✅ Reduce the risk of infections and inflammation

✅ Regulate and strengthen the immune system

✅ Reduce the severity of colds and flu

✅ Help strengthen skin’s barriers

✅ Support intestinal function


20 sachets in 1 box

Direction of use

Take one sachet daily

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What is Tigrox IMUGLO?

Tigrox IMUGLO is an immune system booster supplement that is designed to fortify your body’s defenses from within. Tigrox IMUGLO harnesses the potent properties of elderberry and mekabu seaweed in perfect synergy. With its natural ingredients, it is suitable for individuals of all ages. However, for those who has weakened immune systems, prone to frequent illness, or the elderly and middle-aged individuals, Tigrox IMUGLO will be a great supplement to have.
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Low body immune signs

Signs You Have Low Body Immune System

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6 Major Functions of Tigrox IMUGLO

1. Boost your immune system with Tigrox IMUGLO, regulating and fortifying its defenses.
2. Bid farewell to respiratory issues by improving respiratory health.
3. Combat colds and flu with ease.
4. Nurture your gut health as Tigrox IMUGLO supports your intestinal functions.
5. Safeguard against infections and inflammation, reducing potential risks.
6. Strengthen your skin’s barriers.
6 main functions of tigrox imuglo
tigrox imuglo is suitable for people who have these signs

Tigrox IMUGLO is Suitable For...

1. People who has weak immune system.
2. People with respiratory system problems, e.g. coughing often.
3. People with gastrointestinal problem/poor intestinal health.
4. People with unhealthy lifestyle e.g. staying up late, skipping breakfast, etc.
5. Elderly and middle-aged people.

Tigrox IMUGLO Product Verification & Certification

Imuglo COA (No Heavy Metals) EN
Imuglo COA (No Microbes) EN
Imuglo Halvec ENG

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