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Tigrox Tiger Milk King (LOQUAT) is an upgraded formulation with added loquat and crystal pear. It is a health supplement dedicated to the lungs and respiratory system, helping with long-term cough, nasal allergies, and respiratory problems, and improving the immune system.

✅ Enhance body resistance to viruses and self-protection ability

✅ Relieve nasal sensitivity and nasal congestion

✅ Improve respiratory allergies

✅ Protect and nourish the lungs

✅ Relieve cough

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Tigrox Tiger Milk King: Keeping Your Lungs Healthy & Strong

Tigrox Tiger Milk King is a lung supplement that mainly contains Tiger Milk Mushroom, plus many other ingredients that has been proven to treat asthma, bronchitis, cough, fever, and vomiting for as long as 450 years. The Tigrox Tiger Milk King helps you to breathe better and fuller by strengthening your respiratory system while boosting lung function.

All these are made possible thanks to the nutrients that have been extracted into one single sachet, containing licorie, glycyrrhizic acid, and crystal pear’s vitamins such as Vitamin A,B,C,D,E, and iodine.

Tigrox Tiger Milk King supporting ingredients
Tiger Milk King's traditional modernization

Benefits of Tigrox Tiger Milk King

  1. Alleviates cough symptoms.
  2. Provides lung protection and nourishment.

  3. Eases nasal sensitivity and congestion.

  4. Aids in the management of respiratory allergies.

  5. Bolsters the body’s antiviral defenses and self-protective capabilities.

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Tigrox Tiger Milk King's Product Verification & Certification

Tiger Milk King Loquat Halvec EN certification
Tiger Milk King Loquat KKM EN certification
Tiger Milk King Loquat Halal Cert

Frequently Asked Question

Tiger Milk King is the ultimate healthy lung supplement to help protect the lungs and respiratory system against allergies and bacteria.

The Tigrox Tiger Milk King product is safe to be consumed as it is free from microbes and heavy metals.

Tigrox Tiger Milk King is safe to be taken with other Wellous products.

The Tigrox Tiger Milk King may be deemed suitable for customers experiencing asthma. This product is known to offer potential benefits in enhancing respiratory health, including conditions such as asthma. The Tiger Milk Mushroom, found within the supplement, serves as a complementary aid to standard treatments, potentially contributing to a more expedited recovery process.

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